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Saturday, March 2, 2024

15th Yearly Deep Freeze winter celebration wraps up in Edmonton


Key takeaways: 

  • ‘It’s just stunning … Everything’s transpiring.’
  • A fireworks show was had to keep two vital volunteers to the festival. 

The Firework show at the 15th annual winter eve: 

The 15th annual Deep Freeze winter celebration has finished after witnessing both weather extremes and celebrating two community members who passed in the previous year.

Dr. Dick Lau, a longtime recruit with the celebration, and Allison Argy-Burgess, a regional artist and volunteer, praised a fireworks show Saturday night. 

It’s billed as Edmonton’s first celebration of the year and took a position in three areas in Edmonton’s Alberta Avenue vicinity: Borden Park, Pipon Village, and The Carrot. 

Christy Morin, artistic director of Deep Freeze, stated they were delighted to handle the festival this year, between intense cold and COVID-19 problems.  “It’s just stunning … Everything’s transpiring,” Morin stated in an interview Saturday.  Source –

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15th annual Deep Freeze winter celebration wraps up in Edmonton

This year’s theme was Under the Ancient Arctic Sky and featured specialties like ice sculptures, light and lantern facilities, and workshops.

“We are proud to resume to celebrate Ukrainian, Métis, French Canadian, Inuit, and Indigenous cultures, which are all profoundly woven into the fabric of Alberta Avenue District,” a report from Morin stated on the website.  Source –

Morin stated individuals from all over Edmonton and the surrounding region arrived to appreciate the ten-day festival. 

“Individuals from all overstated this is such a fantastic event, and they’re so grateful, just being able to get out and see things and see other individuals safely, I think just really fills us up as humans, and we require that,” she stated.  Source –

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