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Friday, September 29, 2023

Alberta foundations, non-profits manage online 50/50 draws to support fundraising throughout the pandemic

Key takeaways: 

  • COVID-19 pandemic has complexed usual fundraising drives, organizations say. 
  • Edmonton’s Food Bank is again taking an online 50/50 drawing this holiday period. 
  • Executive director Marjorie Benz states the draw supports pull funds the charity usually raises during social events now made difficult by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Alberta charities use 50/50 draws: 

Edmonton welfares and non-profit corporations are using 50/50 drawings to make up fundraising shortfalls increased by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a 50/50 draw, a share of the funds from ticket purchases forms a jackpot for the winner, with the other share moving to the group that made the raffle.

Marjorie Bencz, the executive director of Edmonton’s Food Bank, stated the welfare is operating an online 50/50 again this holiday period to make funds it normally draws during events now made difficult by the pandemic.

“We can’t do galas, we can’t do luncheons, we can’t do those types of fundraising,” Bencz stated. Source –

“It was very unique for us to try to navigate, and continue to create interest in the community and awareness of our need for food and funds.” Source –

The raffle traded out in 2020, allocating $10,000 for the food bank. The pot is again anticipated to be $10,000 and the conquering ticket will be picked on Dec. 24.

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Beginning this month for the first time, the Winspear Centre and Edmonton Symphony Orchestra (ESO), Art Gallery of Alberta, and Citadel Theatre cooperated to begin an online 50/50.

The highest jackpot will be $100,000. Returns will be equally divided into three steps since the Winspear and ESO are shares of the same group, stated their vice-president of marketing and business development, Hanna Choi.

“It has been a very difficult year and a half for us,” she stated. For instance, Choi said, the Winspear Centre just opened last month after being shut for a year and a half. Source –

“The initiative is basically to keep the arts community alive in downtown Edmonton, and help support venues through this challenging time that hasn’t finished yet,” she explained. Source –

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