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Alberta guy restores old video game consoles to make Christmas gaiety for deprived families


Key takeaways: 

  • Jasen Kerr’s year-round work of love reached after the community assisted him one year.
  • Jasen Kerr gathers donated video games, consoles, computers and the like, repairs them up and then gives them to Edmonton-area households in lack to light up Christmas morning.

Man repairs old game consoles to help the needy families: 

An Alberta man who came out to the community for support one Christmas Eve is currently aiding others in need for the fourth year in a row. 

Jasen Kerr, a single father healing from cancer and stumbling with his savings, had purchased a couple of PlayStation 3 games as presents for his kids. 

The daytime ere Christmas, their video game console failed. 

“Christmastime, we didn’t have much,” Kerr stated, remembering the events that conducted to him beginning Jay’s Charity for Families in Need. Source –

Kerr placed a call out for aid on social media and by the morning, he had four consoles and almost 100 games. 

“That day, I gave out the other three consoles and a bunch of the games to other families that I knew,” he stated. Source –

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Edmonton man restores old gaming consoles for the needy families

His charity gathers granted video games, consoles, computers and more, repairs them up and then delivers them to families in the Edmonton region in need just in time for Christmas morning.

‘Overwhelming reaction’

In its second year, the charity handed out 11 consoles, and in year three, 14. 

“This year, I think I’m up to almost 30,” Kerr stated. Source –

“The overwhelming reaction to some of the ads I put out for bids for assistance is amazing. And this year I am surprised with how many people have contacted us for help.” Source –

He utilises Facebook to discover people in need, by posting posts aiming for nominations of families and for individuals who have come out for assistance.

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