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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Alberta might face huge issues getting floods in and out of the region

Key takeaways: 

  • Dozens of transport trailers were caught in Kamloops because of undrivable highways. 
  • Staff evaluates a big landslide over Highway 7 at Ruby Creek, B.C., on Monday. 
  • The slide was one of some that blocked the transportation industry-shifting goods through the Lower Mainland and the Interior. 

Alberta may face issues due to British Columbia: 

Albertans could face notable issues getting supplies in and out of the region in the weeks and months ahead after flooding and landslides in southern British Columbia block highways and deranged rail lines.

Every key route through B.C.’s Lower Mainland and the BC Interior has been cut by wipeouts, flooding or landslides following record-breaking downpours over southern B.C. between Saturday and Monday. The B.C. government announced a state of emergency midday Wednesday.

Kent Fellows, an expert of economics at the University of Calgary, told CBC News at Six on Tuesday that the knock-on impacts for commercial shipping could be extensive. 
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Albertans might see disturbances to supplies of numerous products, from imported electronics out of Asia, to natural fruit and vegetables from B.C. and down the West Coast of the United States, Fellows stated Thousands of commercial freight trucks are sitting abandoned in segments of B.C. between their ports of leaving and their delivery points.

Likewise, brace for disturbances in shipping Alberta’s oil and other stocks to the West Coast, he stated. 

“Unlike the pressures that we faced coming out of COVID on the supply chain, which have been pretty notable, the difference here is not that things are going to show up more slowly … it’s that they can’t show up at all,” he said. Source –

“So once we’ve sort of drawn down our domestic stocks, once the store shelves are empty and the warehouses in Alberta go empty, you’re looking at either attempting to find alternative supply chains … or just things not getting here at all.”  Source –

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