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Alberta youngster decodes Rubik’s cube 300 times while riding a monocycle

Key takeaways: 

  • Jesse Bradford, 17, combined people skills to smash records of 250. 
  • Jesse Bradford now holds the Guinness World Record for decoding the most Rubik’s cubes, 300 of them on a monocycle. 

Teen from Alberta breaks Guinness World Record: 

A 17-year-old youngster from Brooks, just multi-tasked his position into the Guinness World Records. 

Jesse Bradford now titles the record for decoding the most Rubik’s cubes 300 of them on a monocycle. 

He learned to drive in the summer of 2020 and chose to pair it with the puzzle he would learn to decode in standard three. 

“I probably had about 20 solves on there,” Jesse said of the first time he tried both. Source –

Then, the thought struck him. 

“I was like, ‘I wonder if there’s a world record for this,'” Jesse said. “So I looked it up, and it was 250.” Source –

Parental advice

The wish to defeat the past record kicked off a training schedule that involved riding a loop by his parent’s home. 

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“My parents would come out and just hand me cubes and mix them up,” Jesse stated.  Source –

David Bradford, Jesse’s parent, state his kid had his full confidence. And there is amusement in seeing your children attempting things, he stated. 

“He would ride his unicycle around town for five, eight kilometres at a stretch without falling off,” David explained.  Source –

“We had no doubt that he could take two individual skills and combine them … takes a lot of work, but it’s lots of fun to see it come to fruition.” Source –


The steps for attempting to defeat a Guinness World Record is quite technical, the Bradfords stated, and David aided organize the logistics. 

For Instance, Six independent eyewitnesses had to see the try, and they had to be at arm’s length from Jesse, no family or relatives. 

“We had a police officer, we had a city councillor — you know, things like that,” David explained.  Source –

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