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Friday, September 29, 2023

An Indigenous economic advisor operates to unyoke others

Key takeaways: 

  • Theodora Warrior is the leading Indigenous economic facilitator for Momentum, a Calgary welfare.
  • Theodora Warrior is an Indigenous financial facilitator who grew up in hardship and is now supporting unyoke people in her society to control their money. 

Indigenous financial advisor empowers others by helping them: 

It’s frequently said that each name represents a story.

For Theodora Warrior, that couldn’t be more accurate.

“My name doesn’t lie,” tells Warrior, a Blackfoot member of the Piikani Nation in southern Alberta. “The purpose of a warrior is not meant for battle. They are meant for protection and sacrifice for all for the greater good.” Source –

Warrior is the leading Indigenous economic facilitator for Momentum, a Calgary welfare committed to society financial gain.

Jeff Loomis, executive director of Momentum, says it’s dedicated to having a part in agreement with Indigenous societies and bringing Warrior onboard assures a culturally appropriate and supportive atmosphere to help in an economic settlement.

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A warrior sees her job as one that unyokes others, especially Indigenous families such as her own who endured hardship as a result of the suburban school system.

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission report states the schools amounted to social genocide, removing Indigenous people of their language and traditions, which has begun to persistent unemployment, hunger, poor housing, substance abuse, family violence and evil health.

Money Moccasins

Around two years ago, Warrior visited a money administration workshop treated by Momentum, like one she now teaches and was urged to write down a thought for her future.

She had lost everything — her home, work and belongings. She states it was a series she had rehearsed for years, from home to homeless, engaged to jobless, hopeful to depressed.

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