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Saturday, March 2, 2024

An inexpensive child-care program delivering relief for households amid increasing expense of living


Key takeaways: 

  • The objective is to decline child-care expenses to $10 per day.
  • The child-care enterprise in the region is undergoing a climb in demand for spaces after the good child-care program started in January. 

A child-care program initiated after expenses start to rise: 

Michelle Peters-Jones has only operated part-time for the previous nine years. In the face of costly daycare options in Edmonton, it never made economic sense to work full time and bill for five days of child care.

But now, after the new cheap child-care program started in Alberta at the start of the year, she’s got a full-time job. And rather than spending $800 for three days of child care, she’s now expending $500 for five days.

“It does not just concern the money for me. It’s regarding pursuing dreams, continuing my career,” she stated.

“We’ll be spending money on enhancing our home, for instance, settling down our mortgage, [and] making sure the children have more activities to choose from, which we couldn’t afford on our budget.”

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Expenses increase after the outbreak

Ontario is the only region yet to negotiate a contract

The cost of living is growing nationwide, although the new program delivers significant financial ease for many parents with young children.

The previous year, the federal government founded the $30 billion program and signed contracts with most regions and territories. The plan is to drive down the expense of child care to only $10 a day, per kid, nationwide. 

Of all the regions and territories, only Ontario has yet to negotiate with the nationwide government. It’s a sizeable deletion regarding the region’s population. 

In January, Premier Doug Ford said an agreement was very tight, but his education minister Stephen Lecce said it might take time to reach an accord.

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