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Monday, December 4, 2023

Brian Jean apologizes for social media publish spotlighting nation of political rivals

Key takeaways: 

  • “That’s not who we are in Alberta and that’s not who we are in Fort McMurray,’ the councillor states. 
  • Brian Jean faced censure this weekend after a publish on his LinkedIn mentioned his political rival’s city. 

Brina Jean’s apologies for his social media post: 

United Conservative party optimistic Brian Jean feels sorry after a post on social media site spotlighted the city of his political rival in the race to represent the UCP in the Fort McMurray-Lac La Biche district. 

On Saturday, a post was made on Jean’s Linkedin site, requesting individuals to purchase a 10 dollar UCP membership in Fort McMurray-Lac La Biche, a riding that presently has no MLA after Laila Goodridge created the successful jump from regional to federal politics. 

The published read: “There can only be one UCP candidate. Jason Kenney’s people don’t want it to be me. They are pushing a Nigerian economist who stays in Fort McMurray,” referring to candidate Joshua Gogo, who is also taking the UCP nomination. Source –

Jean has since withdrawn the post and in a statement, he stated the post was written by a crusade volunteer. 

Jean stated in the email that the publisher had an “unacceptable connotation. The comment was promptly withdrawn.” 

He also stated he called and messaged Gogo and felt sorry. 

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“Not checking the work of the volunteer was an oversight on my part,” wrote Jean.  Source –

He further said that he met with heads in Fort McMurray’s Nigerian-Canadian group to feel sorry. 

On Facebook, Gogo stated he thought Jean implicit he wasn’t an Albertan. 

“If he so decides, Brian Jean can attempt to make this election about my ethnicity,” wrote Gogo. Source –

“I will stay focused on showing people from Fort McMurray to Lac La Biche and everywhere in through that I am here to work for them, and to offer the stable representation our zone deserves.”  Source –

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