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Monday, December 4, 2023

Canadian-Medical-Association calls on feds to make it illegal to attack healthcare workers as assured

Key takeaways: 

  • The CMA is also reaching various social media firms to battle online harassment. 
  • The Canadian Medical Association (CMA)’s call is partly to limit the prevailing harassment from carrying over after the pandemic is completed, said Dr Alika Lafontaine, president-elect of the Canadian Medical Association. 

Canada Medical Association’s battle to stop harassment on health care workers: 

A national professional medical body is demanding on the federal government and several social media firms to decrease warnings and violence some front-line healthcare experts are experiencing at work.

In a news statement announced Thursday, the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) asked Ottawa to make assured changes to the Criminal Code that would make it a crime to block entrance to some building providing health services, as well as to scare or frighten any healthcare worker or person asking health care.

The CMA is also reaching Twitter, Meta (parent company of Facebook and Instagram), Alphabet (Google’s parent company that owns YouTube), Microsoft (LinkedIn) and TikTok to act collectively on an action program to prevent online harassment and individual menaces against healthcare workers, the statement says.

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“All of these things taken together really create an even greater burden on health-care providers, [who] are already at or past their breaking point amid everything that’s being going on in the past couple of years,” Dr Alika Lafontaine, president-elect of the CMA, said CBC News. Source –

Earlier this fall, demonstrations were occurring outside hospitals in various Canadian cities, during which members rebuked any patients and healthcare workers going inside the abilities.

In reply, on Sept. 13, during the election battle, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stated his government would make it an attack to block access to any building giving health services, as well as to scare or frighten any healthcare worker or patient if re-elected. 

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