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Thursday, December 9, 2021

Canadian veteran aids Afghan decipherer and his family escape Taliban law

Key points: 

  • Stephen Peddle, from St. Albert, Alta, has been working to receive some families of Afghan decipherers to protection. 
  • Stephen Peddle, who stays in St. Alberta, near Edmonton, lately retired from a 28-year profession with the Canadian military after helping decipherer Sangeen Abdul Mateen and his family to come to Canada. 

Canadian veteran’s assist to the Afghan family to shift to Canada: 

This Remembrance Day, the first since Afghanistan raze to Taliban forces in the summer, will be tough for Canadians who helped two missions there. 

Stephen Peddle, a Canadian Forces former Major, has been working to receive some families of Afghan decipherers to protection. 

“Afghanistan and the Taliban have a brilliant intelligence network. They know who helped NATO and they know who helped the Canadians and the Americans,” Peddle says.

“Their target list is very real, and they have a very savvy way of finding people who were fighting against them all these years.” Source –

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In August, The Taliban overran the capital city of Kabul and snatched the control of Afghanistan. By the end of the month, The United States and Its Western allies left the country. 

Troops passed a distressing two weeks safeguarding the airlift of tens of thousands of Americans, Canadians, Afghans and others attempting to escape. 

Peddle, who stays in St. Alberta, states he knew the families of individuals he worked with, in Afghanistan were in danger he felt he had to aid their escape. 

The 47-year-old worked in Intelligence for the Canadian force and was positioned to Afghanistan in 2007 and 2012. 

During his first mission, he was implanted with Afghan forces for almost a half-year. He became friends with his decipherer, Sangeen Abdul Mateen, who was almost 20 years of age at the period of time. 

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