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Thursday, December 9, 2021

Confidence in Edmonton Police Service falls, the study of crime rises in pandemic

Key takeaways: 

  • ‘Edmontonians feel scarce safe in 2021 than people did in 2020.’
  • Almost a portion of study respondents state they bother about offence most utmost of the period, up from 17 per cent in 2020. 

Study of crime rises in a pandemic:

The normal person stepping down an Edmonton place seems less safe than they did a time ago, the latest news shows. 

At the behest of the Edmonton Police Service, market analysis firm Advanis viewed 1,500 Edmontonians from May to July on how they think about guarding and wrong in the city. Respondents were randomly selected, but considered deputy of Edmontonians based on time, gender and pay level. 

Mariam Masud, director of the EPS’ policy and action part, performed the study decisions to the Edmonton Police Commission Thursday.

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“Survey respondents said that they were not more possible to have been a victim of crime in 2021,” Masud told the board. “Despite this, Edmontonians feel less safe in 2021 than they did in 2020.” Source –

Almost a part of respondents (23 per cent) stated they bother about offence most of the time or about constantly. This is up from 17 per cent in 2020, she stated. 

Just 37 per cent of Edmontonians believe the police are making a good job — a fall from 45 per cent in 2020, she stated. The quantity of those who told the police did an outstanding job is about the equal, 20 per cent, up from 19 per cent current year.

‘There’s a relationship among age and content with EPS, she stated. The more experienced respondents did, the extra content they were. Source –

Of respondents aged 18 to 34, almost half rate the policemen act as great or excellent, versus 61 per cent by 35 to 54-year-olds and 72 per cent in the past 55 age level.

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