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Saturday, March 2, 2024

Edmonton city council decides to construct $14M parkade at Orange Hub


Key takeaways: 

  • Four councilors desired to have the funds to explore future development alternatives.
  • The city-owned Orange Hub on 156th Street houses arts, theatre, and wellness non-profits and requires rehabilitation, including substituting the current parkade.

Council agrees to build $14M parkade: 

Edmonton will pay $14 million to construct a new above-ground parkade at the Orange Hub. The city council selected Wednesday, despite a push from some councilors to explore more development alternatives at the location. 

A city report indicates that the current parkade at the city-owned center at 100th Avenue and 156th Street should be demolished or permanently shut this year because of structural problems.

The above-ground parkade will have 181 spaces for vehicles, bicycles, and motorcycles in a three-level garage. 

The city report rehashed two alternative possibilities: a 60-space surface parking lot costing $5 million or a 200-space underground parkade that would cost $35 million.

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The city council of Edmonton agrees to build a $14M parkade at the Orange Hub

The Orange Hub parkade helps coming access the LRT and bus networks. 

“The parkade’s proposed exterior design seeks to improve the urban design of 156th Street and deliver a sense of place and identity for the West Jasper Place neighborhood,” the report stated. Source –

Lost chance

Anne Stevenson, councilor for Ward O-day’min, told the city to put the funds aside. At the same time, it looks at other methods to redevelop the location, including partnerships with tenants, non-profits, and private interests to build a mixed-use residential structure with an underground parkade. 

“I think this is a fantastic chance for us to make our vision in the city plan and demonstrate leadership in terms of the kind of city we want to see constructed,” Stevenson stated. Source –

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