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Monday, December 4, 2023

Edmonton redirects 4,000 tonnes from landfill in primary yard-waste pickup


Key takeaways: 

  • The city got almost 300 objections about the latest system.
  • The City of Edmonton proposed two days for periodically yard trash pickup this fall from single-family houses.

The city of Edmonton offered yard trash pickup: 

Almost 4,000 tonnes of yard trash — the equivalent of 275,000 bags of leaves — was redirected from landfills this fall as a portion of the city’s latest twice-yearly gathering program.

Teams picked up 4,159 tonnes of yard trash — in paper bags, clear plastic bags, and bundles of limbs and branches — from single-family houses on two pickup days tottered over city neighbourhoods within Sept. 20 and Nov. 15.

That figure serves about 15 per cent of the 28,677 tonnes of the total garbage accumulated in a similar period, according to Jodi Goebel, the city’s director of waste policy.

Ere this year, Edmonton picked up yard trash with other waste. The latest system includes four streams — food scraps, waste, recycling and yard waste. (Food scraps go into a green cart, other garbage goes into a black cart and recyclables are put in blue containers.)

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other garbage in Black cart and recycables in Blue cart

As a portion of the introduction, the city gave households announcements explaining how to distribute materials and the pickup schedule, including the periodical pickup days for yard trash.

It also described how the new system runs on social media and its website and launched a free app called WasteWise that warns users about collection days for all of the four streams.

Yard trash is now managed seasonally, on two days every fall and another two days in the spring; 2022 will be the initial year for the spring yard-waste pickup.

“We are seeing pretty good uptake when we have those two dates — you know if you miss the first one, you use the second one,” Goebel stated in an email to the media. Source –

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