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Sunday, November 28, 2021

Edmonton shields wait for the region to set up as finances dry up

Key takeaways: 

  • Interim shelters set up at starting of coronavirus risk shutting. 
  • Camp Pekiwewin sheared up in Rossdale in early 2020 before the town opened an emergency shelter at the Edmonton Convention Centre. 

Edmonton shelter’s wait for the region: 

Social organizations in Edmonton are waiting for the region to finance some 420 overnight shelter spaces this winter, as funds for several plans is ready to run out at the end of Nov. 

The demands are outlined in a report displayed at the town council’s executive committee conference Tuesday. 

Hope mission homes up to 200 individuals a night at a 24/7 shelter in spectrum constructing on the Exhibition grounds. 

That fund is ready to expire at the end of the month and the corporation is requesting the government of Alberta to renew the financing till the end of next March. 

Fund for three south-side shelters functioned by the Mustard Seed also runs out at the end of Nov. 

Coun. Andrew Knack was in office for eight years now was detectably frustrated, as he’s been hearing about the fights since he was appointed and financing for social service collapses under the jurisdiction of the region.¬†

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“It’s infuriating because we’re talking about something year after year that is the regional government’s job,” Knack stated to the committee. “What I struggle with over and over again, is we’re trying to solve a problem we can’t solve ourselves.”¬†Source –

Last year at the starting of the coronavirus outbreak, with money from the federal government, the town hosted emergency shelters space at the Expo centre and then at Edmonton Convention Centre. 

The town approximates 1200 individuals who will require overnight shelter space this season and there are 720 obtainable beds. 

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