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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Edmonton teams prepared to snag up on snow clearing after the 3-week serious-freeze


Key takeaways: 

  • ‘We had to throw everything we had at it,’ the city supervisor states of grinding frozen roads.
  • Edmonton handled three weeks of chilly rain, serious snow and severe cold between Dec. and Jan.

Edmonton faced severe climatic conditions for straight three weeks: 

City of Edmonton teams are darting forward to a warm rescue after a gruelling three weeks of severe climate left intersections and arterial roads treacherous for drivers and pedestrians. 

Andrew Grant, the city’s general supervisor of snow and ice reduction and control, stated it was all hands on deck and more during the serious freeze. 

“We called in all of our other staff throughout the vacations to get in vehicles, to get in our sanders and get out there,” Grant stated in an interview Tuesday. “We had to throw everything we had at it.”  Source –

In severe freezing temperatures, it’s hard to get sand to stick, he stated. 

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The teams of Edmonton are ready to cleart the snow after three weeks of intense snow pounding Alberta

Teams use an aggregate material, a mixture of fractured rock chip and sand, and jagged ice blades to scarify the surface so the aggregate material stays, Grant described. Between mid-October and the foremost week of January, the city utilised 25,000 metric tonnes of sand. 

During the whole six months of winter from mid-Oct. 2020 to April 2021, it utilised 40,000 tonnes of sand, Grant reported. 

Coun. Andrew Knack stated he doesn’t usually get complaints regarding snow clearing for arterial roads but he did the previous week during the deep freeze.

“This did feel like a bit of an anomaly,” Knack stated. “I normally don’t hear those problems on the arterial roadI hopently, so my hope is that this is the first and only time we see something like that for winters to come.”  Source –

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