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Sunday, November 28, 2021

No-win position for Alberta premier at future UCP conference, speak federal experts

Key takeaways: 

  • The yearly general conference comes as Jason Kenney faces mounting interrogations over his authority. 
  • Now there is a no-win situation for the premier. 

Jason Kenney gets a bunch of questions over his charge: 

Political experts state Alberta Premier Jason Kenney faces a no-win position at his party’s yearly conference in Calgary this weekend over rising interrogations about his power.

Duane Bratt, a teacher at Mount Royal University in Calgary, told Kenney’s hurdle is to not only succeed back help from the United Conservative Party but also the public.

Bratt told most yearly conferences to concentrate on team-building, planning conversation and celebrations, but he anticipates there will be none of that.

“I’ve been racking my brain attempting to estimate out what’s a great situation for the premier and I don’t think there is one,” he announced Thursday. Source –

Bratt told the worst-case situation would be protests during Kenney’s theme address, low turnout and a “fight” over a decision coming before the conference to raise the origin to trigger a controlling vote.

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“Even if none of that happens and all the representatives show up to Kenney’s theme, he gets a standing applause, everyone is holding hands and chanting Kumbaya, it’s still bad for him outside the room.” Source –

National politics

The premier has been dealing with a growing uneasiness within his meeting, party and from Albertans over his administration of the COVID-19 pandemic and other problems. Some have asked for his departure.

There is also movement within the body to speed up a leadership review vote to decide whether Kenney still has their faith. The vote is set for April 2022.

However, 22 UCP supporters organisations have endorsed a letter to the party official to trigger a more immediate vote. They serve the needed 25 per cent of boards under bylaws to fast-track a review.

Members are expected to vote at the AGM on a plan to raise that threshold to 29 organisations.

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