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Sunday, November 28, 2021

Professionals alert Alberta could face a resurgence in Covid-19 cases as winter nears

Key points: 

  • There are more illness outbreaks in colder months, contagious disease experts say. 
  • Contagious disease expert Dr Lyrona Saxinger says there are frequently more outbreaks of disease in colder months and that could happen with coronavirus. 

Alberta was warned by experts about covid-19 as winter approaches: 

Analysts who calculate covid-19 trends state, they are worried about what will occur in Alberta as temperatures cool off and people pass more time inside.

Dean Karlen, who instructs at the University of Victoria, works with BC covid-19 Modeling Group, which concentrates on quick reaction modelling of the outbreak. He observes that the previous year there was a considerable rise in infection rates in Alberta during the winter. It resulted in the province introducing public health measures at the starting of Dec to halt that quick growth. 

He’s concerned about covid-19 infection rates, which have been narrowing down since mid-September will grow once again as a seasonal result of people shifting indoors with close contacts. 

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“A change in behaviour and people moving indoors could be rather dramatic, other countries were in the situation that Alberta is in right now, dropping at four or five per cent a day, and then a few weeks later, growing at four or five per cent a day,” he said. Source –

Dr Lyrona Saxinger, a contagious disease expert and associate professor at the University of Alberta, says individuals are still required to be alert about indoor meetings. 

She also states there are frequently more outbreaks of diseases in the winter. 

“It’s something that we usually expect when school starts and when we start to see the weather turn,” she said. 

“The pattern of spread is going to be something that’s important to watch, and see if there’s any kind of risk signals in terms of types of gatherings that might be the source of outbreaks,” she said. 

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