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Sunday, November 28, 2021

The Carbon-neutral petrochemical factory slated for northwestern Alberta is worth $2.5B

Key points: 

  • ‘We believe that this project is going to be a key part of Alberta’s transition to a clean energy future.’ Source –
  • Calgary-based Northen Petrochemical Corp. is expecting to construct a 2.5 billion dollar carbon-neutral ammonia and methanol processing factory in northwestern Alberta. 

A $2.5B worth Northen Petrochemical plant: 

A Calgary-based petrochemical company has bought a 295-acre plot near Grande Prairie to construct a $2.5B Carbon-neutral factory to manufacture ammonia and methanol. 

The Municipal District of Green view in northwestern Alberta endorsed an agreement with northern Petrochemical Corp. on Wednesday. 

The factory, located in an industrial park south of Grande Prairie, will manufacture 200 million tonnes of methanol and ammonia from natural gas per annum. 

The company will catch and stock carbon underground. 

The project is hoped to produce up to 4,000 construction placements and about 400 long term placements. Constructions are hoping to begin in spring 2023 and end in 2026. 

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To confirm those placements are packed, the firm is organizing on working with Grande Prairie regional college to build programs, Geoff Bury, NPC president and CEO stated at a news conference in Valleyview, Alta. 

The industrial park, Greenview Industrial Gateway, has plenty of the required elements: land, natural gas, water, power and carbon storage capability as well as access to rail and ports, Bury said. 

 “We believe that this project is going to be a key part of Alberta’s transition to a clean energy future,” he said. 

Bury explained the requirement for Ammonia, which is utilized primarily to manufacture fertilizer, is 190 million tonnes per annum. 

“The ammonia market is going to take off and grow dramatically over the coming years,” he said. 

He says approximate $3b will be generated in taxes over its life span from the project. 

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