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Wednesday, September 27, 2023

The King’s University receives $20M charity, the highest in Edmonton’s school history

Key takeaways: 

  • “It’s a game-changer for a university of our area.”
  • Appreciation to a $20-million donation, the school has been funded sufficient money to build the centre. 

Kings University received a donation of $20 million: 

With an unanticipated $20 million donation, the highest gift ever for The King’s University will go towards the building of the latest science centre. 

The charity came from a donor the school had approached stated marketing director Nikolas Vander Kooy. 

But the “relatively unanticipated” gift, confirmed in September, “completely exceeded our expectations,” Vander Kooy said. Source –

The donor, who wants to remain unnamed, is neither an alumnus of the University nor the parent use. 

Appreciations to the charity, the short private Christian-based school, has now collected $21.5 million of a $30 million campaign to finance the new science centre. 

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With the building’s capital prices now completely financed, remaining contributions to the campaign will back programming, student scholarships and research fundings. 

Building on the Centre for Excellence in The Sciences, a 40000 square foot facility that will feature labs, latest tech, classrooms and usual zones is scheduled to bein in 2024 and the building is anticipated to open two years later, Vander Kooy stated. 

“The building represents a huge expansion,” said Adrian Bajaro, president of The King’s University Students’ Association and a fourth-year student studying history and English.  Source –

Bajaro will graduate long before it opens, but he said the gift will offer much-needed lab space and study chances for future science students. 

Founded as a college in 1979, the school, at 9125 50 St. NW provided its first accredited degree in 1987, dropping college from its name in 2015. 

Presently 934 students attended the University, which provides bachelor schemes in arts, science, commerce, music and education, as well as several diplomae and certificate schemes 

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