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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

UCP plan pointed at limiting early control report worsens to move

Key takeaways: 

  • The decision needed 75 per cent support, took 57 per cent. 
  • Premier Jason Kenney talks with members before the commencement of the United Conservative Party’s yearly common conference in Calgary Friday.

Leadership review at UCP motion: 

A presentation directed at raising the threshold to trigger a management report neglected to get the needed 75 per cent backing at the United Conservative Party’s yearly general conference in Calgary on Friday. 

The decision selected by the Edmonton North West supporters community suggested increasing the amount of clients assistance needed to call a management review from 22 to 29. 

The motion was seen as a plan to stop the first review of Premier Jason Kenney’s leadership than the one previously agreed in April. 

“One-quarter of CAs shouldn’t be able to overthrow a leader,” the resolution stated. “The bar is set too low and opens the party up to trouble-making by a small minority of CA Boards.” Source –

About 57 per cent of the 670 members who voted on the resolution said yes. The motion needed 75 per cent approval to pass. 

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Twenty-two clients organisations newly established plans asking for a review of Kenney’s power before March. 

The AGM is the ruling party’s first in-person meeting in two years and begins with plummeting demand for Kenney. 

Kenney has suffered seizures on his leadership from his MLAs as well from members who defended his government’s actions to control the scope of COVID-19. 

Earlier this week, UCP MLA Pete Guthrie claimed political development organisations were giving the custom fees so pro-Kenney posts could vote. 

Kenney, who set low at the last in-person AGM in December 2019, was seen running for the mob in the room of the Grey Eagle Convention Centre in Calgary. 

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