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Friday, September 29, 2023

Alberta county enacts a policy that prevents businesses with vaccine orders from winning agreements


Key takeaways: 

  • Firms can still bid on Mackenzie County agreements, but they’re ineligible to be rewarded them.
  • Under Mackenzie County’s latest policy, businesses with vaccine rulings presently under contract can operate remotely — as their workers are prohibited from working on county areas — or subcontract the project to a firm that does not have a compulsory vaccine policy.

New policy preventing businesses from vaccine mandates: 

A county in northwestern Alberta has agreed to a policy that disqualifies businesses with required COVID-19 vaccine orders from coming county contracts.

Under the new policy, which took result the previous week, businesses now under contract with Mackenzie County can work remotely — as their workers are now restricted from working on county sites — or subcontract the project to a firm that does not have a compulsory vaccine policy.

“It’s an individual choice for people to make,” declared Reeve Josh Knelsen. “I don’t think that government has any company telling people if they may or may not come to work because of this.”

Byron Peters, the county’s temporary chief administrative officer, offered an item for the council to differ during the prior week’s committee of the whole meeting.

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Alberta council says it will no longer hire businesses with vaccination policies

It proposed amending the procurement approach to ban businesses with required vaccine policies. Council authorized the policy during its meeting on Feb. 16. Knelsen told the judgment was unanimous.

Mackenzie County, approximately 700 kilometers northwest of Edmonton, includes the hamlets of Fort Vermilion and La Crete. Last year, the province had a population of slightly over 12,600.  

The Purchasing Authority Directive and Tendering Process now say that Mackenzie County “does not accept compulsory vaccination or any other biased requirements for any worker, contractor, or sub-contractor” at its workplaces or job sites within the county.

The legislation, as noted, does not restrict any firm from bidding on county contracts.

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