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Thursday, December 9, 2021

Chapman’s Ice Cream meets resentment and boycott over vaccination plan

Key takeaways: 

  • ‘The result was rather harsh, really very, very offensive,’ states vice-president Ashley Chapman. 
  • Ashley Chapman, vice-president of Chapman’s, states his Canadian ice cream firm is the newest aim of anti-vaccine campaigns.

Anti-vaccine campaigns backlashes Chapman’s business: 

When Ashley Chapman declared a distinct vaccine policy at his Ontario ice cream firm, he never anticipated people would avoid his product, send him to reject mail, and call his old father a Nazi.

Chapman is the vice-president of Chapman’s Ice Cream, a family company in Markdale, Ont., that has been dealing ice cream products over Canada for 48 years.

His firm is now at the core of what he describes as a “nasty” battle by some anti-vaccine associations and activists.

“The reaction was pretty brutal, actually very, very aggressive. People were calling us, leaving messages after hours. I’ve been sent, the only thing I can say is hate packages in the mail,” Chapman said As It Happens host Carol Off. Source –

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“Even my father, my 78-year-old father, got a voicemail on his phone, telling him he was like Hitler and a Nazi, and we should be convicted of war crimes, essentially.” Source –

Vaccines are not necessary — but the trial is 

According to the firm’s latest plan, any employee who is not completely vaccinated versus COVID-19 must take two fast tests a week. The firm funds for the testing.

“We live in a small rural community and, you know, I know just about everybody around here. So we felt that going the hard-line approach of the vaccine or nothing was a little too much,” he stated. Source –

So far, he says around 750 of his 850 workers are completely vaccinated. Of the left 100, he says some have got a particular dose, and others are preparing to be vaccinated soon. 

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