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Friday, September 29, 2023

Coal miners, environmentalists dispute over Alberta coal mine hearing prices


Key takeaways: 

  • Benga Mining, on the theme for the prices, desires them shortened drastically & suits groups owe the company cash.
  • Disputes among environmentalists and coal miners. 

Wrangles among coal miners and environmentalists over price: 

The fight over a coal mine in Alberta’s southern Rocky Mountains persists to rant six months after the Grassy Mountain project was rejected, as the firm and its rivals dispute over who bears prices for the hearing that hung the bid down.

Benga Mining, on the theme for the prices, wants them shortened drastically and argues several groups owe the firm cash.

Environmental groups state their prices fund important public disputes and add Benga’s fierce reaction causes it more difficult for those who challenge the assertions of resource firms.

“Benga’s attempt to impugn the motives of … public interest interveners is wholly inaccurate, unfair and sets a nasty and confrontational tone,” states a note from the Timberwolf Conservation Society to the Alberta Energy Regulator, which judges on which prices Benga must expend. Source –

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Alberta’s coal miners and environmentalists debate over the hearing costs

Law planned to provide products done right

Alberta rule permits residents arising before controllers to involve to have their expenses compensated by project supporters. The regulation is planned to make those who profit from growth pay the cost of providing it’s done right.

In June, the controller refused Benga Mining’s application for the Grassy Mountain mine in Alberta’s Crowsnest Pass, a rare denial later quoted by the federal government, which was also affected in the review. Benga has appealed that judgment.

Four environmental groups, a city, a First Nation and a person have used a sum of $1.3 million to attempt to recoup the expenses of adept testimony, lawful guidance and analysis, the regulator states.

But Benga has the liberty to challenge the lawsuits and is doing so. In a note from lawyer Martin Ignasiak, the firm indicates that those groups weren’t productive.

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