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Monday, December 4, 2023

Homebuyers hurry for Mortgage pre-approvals amidst mounting indications of rate rises to come

Key points: 

  • Costly Mortgage rates are coming at some stage, and even little hikes can add up fast. 
  • Expectations of rate hikes already moved up by Economists and policymakers. 
  • High inflation may cause the Bank Of Canada to intervene and chill things down. 

Higher Mortgage rates are coming at some point: 

Economists foretell that the Canadians are clambering to get Mortgage pre-approvals and rate holds before the era of cheap interest rates closes. 

Toronto currently faces a vehement situation where it is not possible to keep purchase prices lower. Because of the Toronto situation, the clients of Real Estate and Mortgage brokers are looking for methods to hold on to contemporary rates. 

“It’s a seller’s market and you barely have the opportunity to put conditions (on a purchase) because there are 400,000 people waiting for their permanent residency, 200,000 of them are already here and there’s buyers lined up around the corners,” said Estee Zacks, the Toronto-based owner of Strategic Mortgage Solutions Inc. Source –

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“They feel weak, and they are statistically, so they’re just trying to get a leg up as much as they can.” 

Burgeoning demand 

Zacks has observed a new gush in prospective buyers demanding rate holds from lenders. Rate holds fix mortgage rates for up to 130 days. 

Mortgage rates differ across banks, but the country’s top five banks are proposing five-year fixed mortgages for as little as 2.62 per cent and as high as 2.94 per cent. 

Three-year fixed mortgages span from 2.49 to 3.49 per cent, while five-year changing mortgages differ between 1.40 and 1.75 per cent. 

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