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Friday, December 8, 2023

Instagram presently asking youngsters to ‘take a break’

Key takeaways: 

  • Instagram turns out new security features day ere the firm is catalogued to claim in front of lawmakers.
  • On Tuesday, the platform started a feature intended to hint at users when they have been online for extremely long.

Social Media giant urges its teen users to Take A Break: 

A day ere the head of the firm is catalogued to report U.S. lawmakers what it is doing to aid keep kids protected online, Instagram is beginning a new feature that asks youngsters in Canada and other nations to take breaks from the photo and video sharing stage.

Take A Break is a plan that supports teens who have signed up for it to log off after they have been on the page for a specific amount of time, according to a Tuesday morning blog post from Instagram head Adam Mosseri. He is catalogued to arrive in front of a Congressional trial on Wednesday.

The firm stated beginning Tuesday, the feature is open to any users within the ages of 13 and 18 based on how they self-reported when they signed up for Instagram.

“If someone has been scrolling for a certain amount of time, we’ll ask them to take a break from Instagram and suggest that they set reminders to take more breaks in the future,” Mosseri stated. “We’ll also show them expert-backed tips to help them reflect and reset.” Source –

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Teens using Instagram for long period of time will get alerts to take a break

The firm did not define how long someone would have to be on the app ere getting notification. 

Users need ‘opt in’ to the service

Mosseri stated the service will ask users to opt into it, but stated teens would receive “notifications suggesting they turn these reminders on.” Source –

He stated quick test results prove that once teens set the warnings, almost 90 per cent of them keep them on.

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