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Montreal guy states he suffered approximately $400,000 in cryptocurrency scam

Key takeaways: 

  • After suffering almost $400,000 in what he thinks was a romance cryptocurrency scam.
  •  David still has nightmares about the individuals who did this to him becoming imprisoned and facing justice.
  • But he understands it’ll probably nevermore occur in actual life.

The $400,000 cryptocurrency scam: 

The Montreal citizen has been consulting a psychiatrist ever since he understood that the woman he met on Facebook Dating in February wasn’t who she said she was and urged him into gradually clearing out his life assets. 

“They’re bloodsuckers, they’re real criminals of the highest degrees,” stated David. Source –

David (a pseudonym) accepted to talk to CTV News on the situation that his actual name is not issued since he is self-employed and he worries exposing his name will destroy his business.

David seems to be the victim of a modern twist of the usual romance plot whereby someone deceives another person in a current romantic relationship to give over money for an obvious critical requirement and the perpetrator disappears after the money is spent.

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In his case, David stated he began an online relationship with the woman that, at first, seemed to be good. They would exchange texts regular on WhatsApp and share photos.

The woman, who was first from China, would scared to do video calls with him because she said her English wasn’t suitable enough for an active two-way call and was more convenient with text-based chats rather, he stated.

After a few months, she started the plan of buying in Bitcoin mining as a clever way to earn money. First, he began with a deposit of $2,000 to transform into cryptocurrency into a site she had suggested to him.  

But ere he understood it, he said he finally gave all of his life’s gains that he had put aside from the purchase of his house — about $390,000 — into this website.

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