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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

These personalities were capable to take their big-city wages to more affordable towns

Key takeaways: 

  • Any huge tech firms have stated fees may be reduced for workers who go to less-expensive cities. 
  • Alejandra McLatchie, Tyler, and their kids were capable to handle the pandemic to claim to do her Toronto-based work from a new place in Nova Scotia. 
  • The family is shown as a stay to the Bay of Fundy. 

People take their salary to affordable towns: 

Alejandra McLatchie likes that her new house rests on two plots of land, with a pool and a chicken coop, just a 10-minute track from a pool.

In June, she and her family went to Upper Tantallon, N.S., around 25 minutes outside of Halifax, leaving their great commutes to midtown Toronto each day from their house with a small garden in the rural city of Mississauga.

McLatchie and her husband, Tyler, who both practice in the security industry, are with what seems to be an increasing amount of people who have been prepared to relocate to fewer cities and towns in Canada, as past work during the pandemic made their careers — and their big-city wages — compact.

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Statistics Canada data on internal movement over the pandemic season is not yet open, but real estate growth in Canada’s fewer cities has been tied, in part, to the new facilities of remote work.

“I never thought that I would ever have the chance really to work from home five days a week, consistently, all the time,” stated McLatchie. Source –

When the pandemic went, as painful as that time was, she said she chose to accept it as an event to “showcase my skills to be able to provide the equivalent amount, if not more, being at house remotely.” Source –

Movements like the McLatchies have asked questions about whether workers should engage the same-sized paycheques if they lead to small precious territories.

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