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$200k Whisky hoard for sale in Vancouver

Key takeaways: 

  • Dozens of individuals converged at the BC Liquor shop on Cambie Street in Vancouver Saturday. 
  • As an opportunity to buy rare spirits that aren’t typically obtainable for most of the year. 

$200k liquor hoard is the only one of its type in North America:

BC liquor Stores’ yearly spirits launches provide “something for everybody,” according to Adele Shaw, spirits category manager for the regional liquor chain. 

This year, almost 180 products, including, whisky, rums and liqueurs are obtainable. 

“This is the biggest one we’ve had,” Shaw stated “This is our 16th year.”

The crown jewel of the proposing is an exceedingly rare, and exceedingly costly, collection of Dalmore Scotch whisky. 

The Dalmore Decades hoard is one of only 25 sets obtainable in the globe and retails for $200,000. It features four whiskies from The Dalmore stillness, the youngest of which was bottled in 2000. 

“It’s the most expensive set we’ve ever had,” said Shaw. “We’re the only province who got it and the only retailer in all of North America to have that product.” Source –

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As it has done with other scarce whiskies in the past, BC liquor stores held a lottery to decide who would have the chance to shell out roughly thrice Vancouver’s median household salary in a single buy. 

A total of 120 individuals applied to take part in the lottery. 

Not all of the products launched Saturday will smash the bank, however. Shaw stated the fun of the annual spirits launch, for many, is the diversity of products on suggestion. 

“The really sought-after stuff” will be gone before the end of the day, she said, but unusual and interesting items will be available throughout the weekend.  Source –

Buyer Kevin Gamble told CTV News he seeks forward to the spirits launch every year. 

“A lot of that you just can’t find during the regular season, so you wait for your whisky Christmas, which is today,” Gamble said. Source –

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