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Thursday, December 9, 2021

An Advocate at 80 eventually returns to the career he loved

Key points: 

  • Mohsin Rashdi states that “Once you are a lawyer, you’re always a lawyer.” 
  • That’s the mindset he continued to when he chose to return to school and write a bar test in Canada after almost 30 years away from his career in his motherland. 

“Age is just a number” proves Mohsin Rashdi: 

Rashid, 80, practised law in Pakistan for almost 30 years before he chose to shift to Saudi Arabia, and then migrate to Canada with his wife and three kids in 1994. 

When they reached Ontario, Rashdi attempted to search for a job in a law office doing research or other occupation but failed. 

“I was not able to get that kind of job, so I took up whatever became available,” he said. Source –

He stated he worked a low salary office work to bear the family. 

“It was a job that provided me a desk and a chair, so it wasn’t that bad,” he said.

Rashdi and his spouse also owned a convenience store, which she would handle during the day and he would acquire in the evenings. 

“It was very hard in the beginning — a difficult situation — but I guess that’s part of the bargain I would say,” he explained. “Coming to Canada has many advantages so this was one thing we had to fulfill.”

He tried to apply to the National Committee On Accreditation (NCA), which evaluates the professional experience of foreign advocates, and chooses which stream they must enrol to practice law in Canada. The NCA chose he would need to take eight courses. 

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Rashdi’s on, Baqa Rashdi, stated that at that period, the courses were highly expensive. So his father put that apart and visioned on bearing the family instead. 

But, Mohsin Rashdi said he “loved his profession.”

“I wanted to be a lawyer and nothing else,” he explained. “My father was a lawyer, my brother was a lawyer and my son is a lawyer. It’s the only thing I had to do.”

“There’s an itch, when you’re a lawyer,” he said. “You cannot stay out of the court.” 

Rashdi after 35 years decided that he will complete his courses returning to school after he turned into his 70s and his kids grew. 

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