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Sunday, November 28, 2021

A Book Based on the 1960s space race gives the newest definition

Key points: 

  • Earth is the sideline and the major setting in a current book too that researches the risk taken by astronauts and their families at the time of the 1960s space race. 
  • Liisa Jorgensen narrates the tale of the first men to see the moon. 

The 1960s space race: 

Farside by the Moon, by Edmonton author LiisaJorgensen, narrates the tale of the initials men to see the moon’s other face at the time of the Apollo 8 mission. 

Commander Frank Borman and pilots Williams Andres and James Lovell Jr. created history at the time of the Dec 1968 space tour, which was contemplated an overall success. 

But there had been no assurance of that when the men were still on Earth, or even they would come back. 

In her first book, about a series of interviews with Borman based on his relationship with his spouse, Susan Borman, Jorgenson researches the toll of NASA’s aims on a woman viewing her spouse risk his life for the sake of science. 

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“In my research, I started realizing that the wives had not been represented,” Jorgensen said. Source –

“I didn’t want them to ever come off as being victims in any way. They very much believed in what their husbands were trying to accomplish and so they supported them in any way they could, even though there was a very good chance they would end up widows.” Source –

Jorgenson started interviewing Borman, currently 93, at his Montana house in 2019. 

She states the talks provided a closer glimpse into the years surrounding 1968 when pressure and awareness on Borman’s mission were topmost. 

“So you can imagine he just wasn’t around,” Jorgensen told the media. 

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