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Monday, December 4, 2023

Alberta animal protection calls for adoptions, fosters, after getting the ability limit


Key takeaways: 

  • Saving Grace watching for almost double its functional ability, but adoptions are down 50 from the previous year.
  • Saving Grace Animal Society is aiming individuals to adopt or foster animals, or to contribute money to the protection to afford collections.

Animal shelters seeking donations, adoption and foster: 

An animal shelter has been pushed to close its gates because it doesn’t have space to take in any more pets — despite everyday calls, emails and Facebook messages requesting if they’ll receive more.

Saving Grace Animal Society, located in Alix, Alta., approximately 155 kilometres southeast of Edmonton, announced a state of emergency Friday. 

The shelter has undergone an expansion in the digit of dogs and cats it has brought in for care this month, as well as a break in the number of adoptions.

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Alberta’s animal protection calls for adoption foster and donation

“We are just at a point at the rescue where we literally can’t fit any more animals anywhere,” stated Amanda McCaughan, a co-executive director of Saving Grace Animal Society. Source –

There are approximately 80 animals at the shelter right now — almost duplicated the capacity the shelter can fit, she stated. But a press release says about 300 other animals are remaining with the team, foster homes or other facilities. Meanwhile, adoptions are down nearly 50 per cent from a year ago, the release stated.

Individuals operating at the shelter have been worried about the problem for a couple of weeks. But they are now panicking leading into the subsequent week, as they’ll have nearly 40 puppies obtainable for adoption — by far the most the shelter has ever had, McCaughan stated.

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