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Alberta Christmas tree traders anticipate trading out quickly again this year

Key takeaways: 

  • Traders say great demand for short supply means abrupter costs. 
  • Greenland Garden Centre manager Aron Grykuliak states the need for Christmas trees is greater than ever, but the stocks have not picked up.

Edmonton retailer thinks to sell out Christmas trees early this year: 

If you’re looking for a Christmas tree in the Edmonton region, plan to pay higher this year — that is, if you can find one at every.

Three Edmonton-area traders reported to the media their Christmas tree stocks are diminishing quick.

Brock Friesen, who owns Creekside Home and Garden, stated he anticipates the shop will trade out by Saturday. 

The Root Seller owner Peter Oudijn stated his store will probably sell out by the following week.

Both owners stated tree costs have risen as well.

Greenland Garden Centre in Sherwood Park managed to trade around 500 trees every year but kicked off this year’s season with 750 trees in stock. 10 days next, only 120 trees remain. 

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“Demand has been building over the last few years, and this year it’s the largest demand that we’ve ever seen,” stated manager Aron Grykuliak. Source –

Grykuliak said he doubts the soaring need is connected to the current demand for gardening and growing plants indoors, but other parts are contributing to a shortage of supply and costlier rates.

Sparser sellable trees

Friesen stated Christmas tree growers planted several seedlings after the Great Recession, and because trees can take around a decade to grow, the industry is still getting up to reach greater demand.

According to Statistics Canada, both the number of farms and acres attached to Christmas trees declined between 2011 and 2016.

“Farmers are getting out of [the industry], and that just means there’s less supply,” Friesen stated. Source –

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