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Monday, December 4, 2023

Alberta First Nations state coal firm belying connections to study group


Key takeaways: 

  • Similarly framed letters from Kainai, Siksika First Nations state the connection has deteriorated with Montem Resources.
  • Coal firm expecting to create a mine in the region’s Rocky Mountains. 

Coal firm belying relationships: 

Two Alberta First Nations state a coal firm expecting to create a mine in the region’s Rocky Mountains isn’t upcoming with a federal agency regarding its connection with their communities.

The Kainai and Siksika First Nations have pointed letters with the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada that states Montem Resources’ description of how it has negotiated with them isn’t good.

“The relationship has decayed and it is no longer accurate to represent the relationship as amounting to meaningful consultation,” state similarly framed letters from both First Nations. Source –

In filings with the inspection agency, Montem states talk on its Tent Mountain suggestion with 14 area First Nations has been steady and stable since 2017.

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First Nations say coal company belying connections

It states Indigenous representatives are completing site visits and welcoming regular updates.

“Based on this early engagement, and the dialogue that continues, Montem is confident that any potential impacts to Indigenous peoples’ physical or cultural heritage, current uses of the lands, structures or sites will be identified and understood,” states the firm’s project description filed with the study agency. Source –

Sessions ‘unpredictable and casual,’ state First Nations

But the First Nations state they haven’t met with Montem since July. They call conferences with the firm “irregular and casual.” Source –

And they charge Montem of proposing $275,000 to finance effect studies on the situation the bands void their request for a federal review of the offer to make a metallurgical coal mine on a formerly mined region of the eastern slants of the southern Rockies.

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