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Alberta premier proposes unity amongst UCP members advancing of April leadership review

Key takeaways: 

  • ‘Let us … resolve those internal differences internally,’ Jason Kenney tells the law. 
  • Alberta Premier Jason Kenney talks at the United Conservative Party’s yearly general conference in Calgary on Saturday. 
  • While accepting grief with his leadership, he asked party members to concentrate their attempts on ‘the people’s business’ till a review in April.

Alberta premier’s speech at the general meeting in Calgary: 

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney declared in his address to the United Conservative Party’s yearly general conference on Saturday that there is disagreement and grief with his leadership, but he asked members to settle their conflicts privately.

In a 38-minute address to about 1,500 party members at the Grey Eagle Resort just outside Calgary, Kenney asked them to concentrate their attempts on “the people’s business” till his leadership review in April.

“We have some internal differences. Every big tent political party does and always will,” he stated. Source –

“But let us address and resolve those internal differences internally, because the public wants to see parties and government focused not on internal party business but on the public’s priorities on the crisis that we are facing, on economic recovery.” Source –

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Kenney’s address arrives among a miserable year where both his support ratings and the reputation of his government have taken a slide. Various surveys recommend the opponent NDP would make a bulk government if an election were held now. A couple of members of his UCP council have openly asked for his departure.

Twenty-two constituency organisations, the amount needed under UCP rules, reached motions demanding for the party to move up the date of the leadership review. A decision to change the origin to 29 constituency organisations got only 57 per cent backing in a vote Friday night. The motion needed 75 per cent support to reach.

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