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Friday, September 29, 2023

Ambulance setbacks begin additional pressure for Alberta firefighters

Key takeaways: 

  • Disease, weakness among EMS teams committing to difficulties, AHS states.
  • Ambulance setbacks over the region are having cascading impacts on fire and rescue teams. 

Ambulance delays all over Alberta: 

Fireteams and RCMP in Boyle, Alta., lately had to do CPR on a patient for 45 minutes ere an ambulance from Athabasca came to get the man to the hospital, according to the municipality’s mayor.

The victim died, Mayor Colin Derko reported CBC News.

“I am unable to say if the patient had been transported to the hospital by EMS sooner he would have survived or not, but we have been told that the sooner proper medical treatment can be given, the chances of survival go up dramatically,” Derko stated in an email Friday. Source –

Endless delays for ambulances have become more familiar in Boyle — on Highway 63, 125 kilometres northeast of Edmonton — and in other Alberta communities.

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“The added stress on our volunteers does threaten the long-term sustainability of our volunteer fire department that provides such a critical service to our community,” Derko stated. The volunteers only get essential life aid practice, he stated. Source –

Continuing its voice to an increasing burden of concerns about the state of Alberta’s emergency medical assistance, Boyle’s village council lately wrote to the region, wishing to work to answers.

Cascading impact

Ambulances setbacks are being informed everywhere in the region, as EMS teams are drawn into main centres like Edmonton and Calgary. The conditions when ambulances aren’t possible to have a cascading impact, giving firefighters tied up at medical calls arranging for transport.

Jeff Hutton, director of Strathcona County emergency services, states ambulances are giving added time outside of the city.

“So that does leave our community at times without service,” Hutton stated. Source –

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