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Thursday, December 9, 2021

Canada Post unions claiming vaccine order with Friday time limit

Key takeaways: 

  • The negotiations will hear debates for halting Wednesday.
  • Canada Post is asking employees to be vaccinated or show plans to get shot by Friday or be put on outstanding leave.

Canada Post union employees compulsory to get vaccinated: 

In the isolated northern Alberta town of La Crete, much of the lifeblood of the country town still moves through the post office — bills, packages, even cheques for cattle sales.

This week the town’s principal centre had to reduce its hours after two full-time employees leave. The leaving, according to their union, were in objection to Friday’s vaccine order deadline.

By next week, many more post offices could fight as Canada Post employees over the country are put on outstanding leave for declining to be vaccinated. The Crown organisation is not receiving regular rapid-testing as an option.

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers and the Canadian Postmasters and Assistants Association, which serve 60,000 members, have registered cases against the organisation.

A cease request filed by CUPW is fixed to be heard by a judge on Wednesday.

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Assuring protection

Jan Simpson, national president of CUPW, states the union helps members who can get shot.

“However, we won’t stand for one of our members losing their lives while there exist other ways of ensuring the health and safety of the workplace,” Simpson stated in an emailed comment.  Source –

“We want to make sure our members are treated fairly and that their rights aren’t violated.” Source –

Simpson stated the union wants to keep safe workplaces while also protecting the rights of its members, joining that frequent fast testing has been known to be an option to keep workplaces secure.

The system could lead to thousands of union members being put on leave without salary, she stated. 

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