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Monday, December 4, 2023

COVID-19 cases extend to fall in Alberta, with 349 fresh cases recorded Friday


Key takeaways: 

  • No new recorded cases of omicron variant of worry.
  • COVID-19 cases extend to fall in Alberta. 
  • On Friday the region recorded 349 extra cases.

Omicron variant’s case not detected recently: 

Alberta recorded 349 fresh cases of COVID-19 on Friday simultaneously with one more death. The number shows the descending trend of case numbers in the region.

The region now has 4,440 fresh cases, with 395 people in hospital, including 78 in intense care.

That’s falling from 4,539 active cases Thursday when 419 people were in the hospital.

A sum of 3,248 people has died from the virus in the region. 

  • Calgary region: 1,749
  • Edmonton region: 1,166
  • North region: 653
  • Central region: 537
  • South zone: 329
  • Unknown: 6
Covid cases drop in Alberta

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No fresh cases of the omicron variant were recorded Friday. The variant was first identified in the region on Tuesday. Three more cases were recorded this week.

The World Health Organization identified omicron as a variant of worry last Friday.

On Monday, Albertans aged 60 and older will start getting third doses of the vaccine. Appointments can be scheduled online at or by phoning 811.

The National Advisory Committee suggests people above 50 should get vaccinated. 

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