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COVID-19 pandemic reveals a shortfall of experienced technology operators in Edmonton

Key takeaways: 

  • ‘Two years of conversion occurred in two months and we’re still reaching up.’
  • Request for information technology expertise is rising in Edmonton.

Information technology experts shortage in Edmonton: 

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a blessing for the tech division, producing a shortfall of experienced workers in Edmonton, enterprise watchers state.

Firms had to adjust to working remotely, told Allie Knull, CEO of ResumeFree, a firm that suits applicants with employers.

“Two years of transformation happened in two months and we’re still catching up,” Knull stated. Source –

According to CBRE, an international commercial real estate and investment company, Edmonton has been North America’s rapidly-growing tech business across the previous five years.

But it is 2021 Scoring Tech Talent Rankings recognised a shortfall of operators with the required technology background.

According to the record, through 2015 and 2019, 5,522 undergraduates in Edmonton graduated with a technology degree but through that time, the work market totalled about 12,000 tech jobs. 

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Stephanie Remnick, program chair of NAIT’S computer network administrator program, states firms are leading out to her for graduates to fulfil jobs much quicker than normal.

“I’ve never had this many requests, especially at the beginning of a school year,” Remnick stated. Source –

Firms and companies typically start looking for graduates in February and March, she replied. 

Her team, including herself, are also being headhunted, she stated.

Luckily, the pandemic has inspired people to rethink their work opportunities, she replied, with freshmen entering the tech division from other businesses.

“They were either in oil or gas or they were in the automotive sector, and they switched over to take our IT program,” she answered. Source –

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