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Deaths of kids, growing adults on government assistance in Alberta

Key takeaways: 

  • 34 kids, children and growing adults getting government support have died since April 1. 
  • Rakhi Pancholi, NDP authority for Alberta Children’s Services, is urging the region to meet an all-party committee on child attacks.

Alberta’s new democratic party: 

Alberta’s New Democratic Party is asking for a ministerial committee after new people put the region on track for the most violent year for children and childish adults getting government assistance in more than a decade.

Coming from the region reveals 30 children or young adults who were getting help died between April 1 and Oct. 31, 2021. 

In 22 of the events, the way of death is still pending research. Indigenous deaths were almost thrice the amount of non-indigenous people— 23 related to seven.

Another four deaths recorded in November take the sum for this financial year on par with the end, the most reported since at least 2008.

All-party panel

NDP children’s services critic Rakhi Pancholi stated the government wants to meet an all-party panel to think out where the system is failing.

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“There’s a lot of questions that need to be answered,” she told statements Wednesday afternoon. Source –

“But more importantly, we need to take this very seriously and get to work right now; this has been a devastating time for many young people in Alberta.” Source –

Pancholi told the region has not been clear on its journey on support from a 2018 ministerial panel.

“Something isn’t working, whether the work has not been implemented, or it’s not achieving the objectives it meant to; that needs to be reassessed as well.” Source –

Economic supports

Sixteen of the deaths were in growing adults getting support. The government obtained a court fight earlier this year to defeat the age limit of fitness for the Support and Financial Assistance Agreement scheme to 22 from 24.

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