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Ecologists warn Alberta Premier Kenney with trial overhearing comments

Key takeaways: 

  • If Premier Kenney doesn’t understand the good opinion of his attorneys, he will be assisted.’
  • A combination of environmental organisations are frightening to claim Kenney for defamation.

Premier Kenney’s lawsuit: 

A combination of at least eight environmental organisations is frightening to claim Alberta Premier Jason Kenney for libel if he doesn’t remove and regret statements asserting a public inquiry found they increased misinformation about the region’s oil and gas production.

The organisations, in a report received by The Canadian Press, have given the premiere a week ere they assume they would register a statement of the case against him.

“If Premier Kenney doesn’t follow the good advice of his lawyers, he will be served with a lawsuit some time by the end of next week,” stated Paul Champ, a lawyer for the environmentalists. Source –

The letter, given to Kenney’s office Monday, is approved by the Dogwood Initiative, Environmental Defence Canada, Greenpeace Canada, Raincoast Conservation Foundation, Sierra Club Canada Foundation, Sierra Club of British Columbia Foundation, West Coast Environmental Law and Research Foundation and the Western Canada Wilderness Committee.

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They show Kenney’s response to the inquiry, directed by Steve Allan, which saw into whether environmental groups were planning to landlock Alberta oil by publishing misinformation about its environmental consequences.

‘Meant to undermine’

Allan’s statement, released in October, saw that “no individual or organization … has done anything illegal. Indeed, they have exercised their rights of free speech.”

But the organisations challenge Kenney for intentionally turning Allan’s decisions into public statements, social media posts and government websites. Special documents are referenced in the report.

“These statements are defamatory as they assert that our clients have spread ‘misinformation,”‘ the letter states. Source –

“Your statements were designed to undermine the groups’ reputations and credibility in the eyes of the public by falsely asserting that the Alberta Inquiry found that the groups were spreading misinformation.” Source –

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