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Sunday, February 5, 2023

Edmonton-area schools encountering most flawed staffing crunches of COVID-19 pandemic


Key takeaways: 

  • Almost one in 10 teachers and one in five subsidiaries are absent in Edmonton public schools.
  • As teachers fall sick to the Omicron variant, substitute teachers bring more challenges to see.

Edmonton school teachers face worst crunches: 

The Omicron variant has left Edmonton-area classrooms dealing with the problematic staffing problems in the pandemic.

“It’s crazy,” stated Paula Power, a St. Albert Public Schools representative. “We’ve never seen anything like this heretofore.”  Source –

Staffing decks are the worst she’s witnessed in her 20 years with the neighborhood, Power stated. 

She stated nearly 10 percent of staff are absent compared to approximately one percent usually away. 

The number of absences is increasing. 

On Jan 10, 59 teams were absent, 35 of those teachers. On Jan 14, there were 87 absences, 51 of the teachers.

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Edmonton schools facing worst staffing crunches due to covid

Schools have had to move close to staff, including principals, assistant principals, and even advisors, to lead classes, Power stated.

“Whatever we can do to cover those classes, we’re accomplishing it,” she stated. Source –

The numbers are alike in Edmonton, with the latest figures revealing 619, or 10.9 percent, teachers and 20 percent of educational assistants absent in public schools.

Of those, 97 teachers’ marks were unfilled.

On Tuesday the previous week, there was 644 staff absent, 335 of the teachers, at Edmonton Catholic schools. Of those teaching jobs, 69 were unfilled. 

Elk Island Public Schools has noticed a tiny growth in staff sicknesses, but are managing, stated representative Laura McNabb.

“We comprehend numerous other school divisions are encountering considerable challenges in staffing but, for now, we are maintaining our own,” McNabb stated in an email.

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