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Monday, January 17, 2022

Edmonton fellow condemned to 10 years for murdering Montreal lady in 2017

Key takeaways: 

  • Gregory Tessman was sentenced to choking death of escort Valérie Maurice.
  • Gregory Tessman was detained in Vancouver, five days after he choked Valerie Maurice in his Edmonton basement apartment set.

Gregory Tessman suffocated a woman to death: 

An Edmonton man who confessed to suffocating a Montreal woman in his north-side basement apartment four years ago has been condemned to 10 years in jail for killing.

Gregory Tessman had first been accused of second-degree killing in the Aug. 31, 2017 expiration of Valérie Maurice, 29, who was visiting Edmonton to serve as an escort.

Tessman has been in jail since he was detained in Vancouver on Sept. 5, 2017.

With an account for time completed and harsh remand situations due to COVID, he has 3½ years prevailing on his sentence. 

According to an accepted statement of data recorded as a court exhibit earlier this year, Tessman reached Maurice “in her capacity as an escort.” Source –

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Maurice’s friend and the driver left her off at Tessman’s apartment building about midnight and she told him to pick her up in a few hours.

When Tessman and Maurice were lying on his living room sofa, he told her he didn’t have the cash to pay for her help and she decided to leave.

He decided to stop her and they got into a dispute that began with Maurice screaming. 

Tessman closed her mouth. Then as the fight resumed, he put his hands round her neck and choked her. Maurice lost cognisance and left quiet.

Tessman and his female friend pulled the body into the bedroom. They tied her hands and legs, padded clothing into her mouth and attempted to cover Maurice by piling more clothes over her face and body.

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