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Friday, September 29, 2023

Edmonton guy punished to 8½ years for accidental shotgun killing


Key takeaways: 

  • Matthew Campeau asked the crime he did was ‘senseless.’
  • Desmond Gordon, 42, was gunned down in his house in February 2019. 

Edmonton man imprisoned for 8 and a half years: 

An Edmonton man who claimed chargeable to crime in the February 2019 death of 42-year-old Desmond Gordon confessed Monday to the victim’s family and his parents.

“What I’ve done was senseless,” Matthew Campeau, 27, said in an Edmonton courtroom. Source –

“It was so easily avoided … I had no right to do what I did that night.”  Source –

Taking a joint sentencing prostration from the Crown and defence, Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Eric Macklin impounded Campeau to 8½ years in jail.

With credit for time worked, he has only over six years left in jail.

By Feb. 26, 2019, Campeau had been often up for nine days, great on crystal meth. 

He wasn’t thinking right. The shortage of sleep and the drugs caused his hands to shake vigorously. 

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Edmonton man sentenced for shotgun killing

He had a gun and a plan to face Gordon for supposedly sexually attacking a lady he thought of as his “street sister.” Source –

Late that night, Campeau and Jeremy Krause made in a stolen vehicle to Gordon’s northeast Edmonton townhouse, where they got methamphetamine.

The two guys smoked the drugs in the wheels ere Krause went back inside to say he couldn’t return.

Campeau got a shotgun out of the bag. He had stolen it several days earlier, but it had been struck and was in a notably bad situation.

According to an agreed announcement of facts, “Campeau intended to point the shotgun at Mr Gordon and get Mr Gordon to confess to the sexual assault.” Source –

He stepped into the townhouse and aimed the gun at Gordon, who was resting on the couch.

A bystander heard a clicking noise and Campeau held the gun. Abruptly the firearm unloaded and a slug went in Gordon in the chest.

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