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Friday, September 29, 2023

Edmonton police preparing for another anti-restriction rally this weekend


Key takeaways: 

  • Chief Dale McFee asks for calm from politicians other district leaders.
  • The vehicle convoy blocked 109th Street during the previous weekend’s final round of protests.

Protests to start again in Edmonton, Alberta: 

Police are anticipating yet another rally after convoys of trucks descended on downtown Edmonton to oppose COVID-19 actions on the last three weekends.

“We’re readying for another event this weekend based on what we’re listening to.”  Source – Edmonton Police Service Supt. Dean Hilton of the operational support division stated during a press conference Wednesday. Police persist in reviewing intelligence and will consider enforcement choices, Hilton stated.

Canadian flags and posters criticizing vaccines, public health measures, and the prime minister expected around the Alberta Legislature for three weekends.

Police Chief Dale McFee told the cops answer has helped secure the case has not become as dire as other demonstrations across the nation.

“We are determined to keep individuals safe and maintain truce in our city,” he stated.  Source –

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Police of Edmonton prepares for another protest

Noise breaches

An interim injunction given to the City of Edmonton, denying the regular honking of horns, was mostly ignored during the previous protest.

Police stated they issued ten tickets and were sending out 60 more. Nine of the tickets were for noise breaches.

McFee stated he values that citizens are frustrated but told officers have done everything they can to stop severe happenings and protect the safety of citizens.

“We have as many eyes and ears going as we can,” he stated. “But to think that we’re going to concentrate on tickets alone, I don’t think that is being upfront with the people.” Source –

The chief spoke stresses are “being fuelled by many on both sides of this equation. And that’s why I’m requesting some peace from all leadership, all forms of politics, all forms of community leaders. We don’t want individuals getting injured.” Source –

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