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Monday, October 3, 2022

Edmonton releases proper plan to improve security in the city’s core neighborhoods


Key takeaways: 

  • Alberta’s justice minister gave the city two weeks to deliver a plan to restrain crime.
  • Two men were murdered in Chinatown in mid-May, spurring renewed calls for better safety measures downtown.

The City of Edmonton is taking a broad approach to improve security in Chinatown’s downtown area. On public transit, all summarized in a final safety schedule released Thursday. 

Edmonton’s Downtown Core and Transit System Safety Plan were posted on the city’s website, following a deadline set two weeks back by Alberta Justice Minister Tyler Shandro. 

In a note to Mayor Amarjeet Sohi, Shandro demanded the city develop a solid plan to deny ongoing crime in core neighborhoods. 

He sent the note after two males — Hung Trang, 64, and Ban Phuc Hoang, 61 — were murdered in Chinatown businesses. 

The city’s plan incorporates immediate measures and longer-term initiatives, many of which were recapitulated in a draft reply last week. 

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The City of Edmonton is taking a broad approach to improve security in Chinatown’s downtown area

In the short term, the city will place more police and peace officers on the roads, pay for private protection to patrol Chinatown, execute programs to control and respond to drug overdoses and increase answers to encampments. 

There is also a plan to instantly set up a collaborative operations center in Chinatown — a collaborative effort among police, city staff, and social agencies.

City Manager Andre Corbould stated the city is looking for a place in association with EPS, and they’ll be moving in soon. 

Several initiatives are also required for public order and cleanliness, such as cleaning roads and back alleys, adding temporary washrooms, and executing a needle cleanup program.

In a message sent out Thursday, Shandro said his office would start checking the plan immediately.

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