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Friday, September 29, 2023

Former University of Alberta student accuses teacher, university claiming physical attacks

Key takeaways: 

  • The teacher and university reject the charges.
  • In separate statements of defence, former University of Alberta history teacher Andrew Gow and the University of Alberta reject the accusations and have urged the court to reject the claim with prices.

Alberta University’s professor sued by a student: 

A former University of Alberta student is accusing their former history teacher and the university of claimed sexual attacks.

In a statement of the case registered in September 2020, Alix Kemp claims former history teacher Andrew Gow had non-consensual physical contact with Kemp in his department and at his house in 2006. 

Kemp claims Gow had a history of grooming and involving in intercourse with female students that were well understood within the office and by the university’s control.

The accusations included in the claim have not been shown in court.

Both Gow and the university, in separate statements of defence, reject the accusations and have urged the court to reject the claim with costs. Kemp’s attorney settled the claim is progressing.

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Gow was a history teacher in the university’s office of history and classics from 1993 till 2018. A university spokesperson stated Gow is now retired and has no connection with the university. 

The suit asserts Kemp went to Edmonton from Indianapolis in July 2005 and was a 19-year-old, second-year student when they joined in a history class taught by Gow.

At that time, the lawsuit states, Kemp was unhappy, trying academically and in a lawful fight with their biological father above the payment of tuition and fees.

Kemp was also in the means of creating and adapting their gender identification.

The prosecution says, for these purposes, Kemp was exposed and Gow encouraged Kemp to “navigate the challenges they were facing.” Source –

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