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Friday, September 29, 2023

Free sand in great need as citizens tussle with slick Edmonton sidewalks


Key takeaways: 

  • ‘We comprehend that citizens are facing cleared community sandboxes.’
  • Icy rain has directed to a shortage of free sand at community leagues as citizens shuffle to sweep their sidewalks. 
  • As Travis McEwan reports, it’s down on the city’s focus list at the point. 

Free sand in great demand as frosty rains caused slippery sidewalks all over Edmonton: 

Community sandboxes are running empty as the City of Edmonton stumbles to hold up with the great need for sidewalk sand.

Some days of frosty rain, connected with temperatures looming near 0 C, have directed to dangerous situations on sidewalks and paths.

Alberta Health Services replied to 103 emergency calls for drops and falls in the Edmonton area on Wednesday sole.

City tenants are liable for keeping sidewalks in front of their houses, and numerous depend on the free sand supplied by the city — when they can reach it.

“We understand that residents are encountering empty community sandboxes,” Philip Herritt, director of infrastructure operations with the city’s gardens and routes branch, informed the media Thursday. Source –

“There are over 700 sandboxes in the city,” Herritt stated in an email. Source –

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Empty sand boxes in Edmonton as the free sand is in great demand to maintain the sidewalks

“Crews are working on priority items and filling them when possible.” Source –

Teams are also utilising open sand on sidewalks, busy pathways and roads that the city preserves, he stated.

News on the city’s 311 app and social media affirms numerous of the boxes are empty, a case the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues has also been listening about.

Executive director Laura Cunningham-Shpeley stated it’s a big problem and something she has undergone.

“I think we are listening that leagues are wanting to make sure that their sandboxes are filled up,” Cunningham-Shpeley stated. Source –

“I know we had to go around and run around to a few other leagues to find sand last week.” Source –

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