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Intense wildfire climate rising throughout the globe, study states

Key takeaways: 

  • ‘Future fires are going to burn longer and more intensely,’ a researcher informs.
  • The town was damaged by wildfire during severe summer warmth.

Town devastated by extreme summer: 

New study hints the danger of severe wildfire issues is rising across the earth, with some of the largest increases in Western Canada.

The research, led by Natural Resources Canada and declared Thursday in the journal Nature, states increasing temperatures and decreasing humidity are the greatest operators of the difference.

“Our predictions of the future are showing those same trends,” stated lead author Piyush Jain. “We can expect fire weather to get more extreme. Source –

“Future fires are going to burn longer and more intensely.” Source –

Early research discovered that fire seasons are growing longer, with an associated rise in the number of forests heated. Jain and his associates wanted to look at how severe fire danger has changed along with it.

They managed a tool called the fire climate index, a numerical grade that uses heat and storm information to assess the danger of an out-of-control wildfire.

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Intense fire-weather

In Alberta, a fire climate index of 19 is supposed to be very high. A fire burned under such situations is likely to outpace attempts to douse it.

Over the years 1979 to 2020, that index for the centre of British Columbia rose between 10 and 20 points.

Globally, the index has risen by a tally of 14 per cent.

Last summer, a range of very hot, dry climates forced the wildfire hazard in B.C. into the unknown area — what fire officials called “extremely extreme.” Soon after, the village of Lytton was washed out when a fire burned.

“Extreme fire weather has increased over large portions of the earth,” Jain stated. “There are particular areas where there are larger trends, like western North America.” Source –

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