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Friday, September 29, 2023

Kenney tells the region will challenge the federal Emergencies Act in court


Key takeaways: 

  • Jason Kenney called the use of the law ‘undue’ and ‘unnecessary.’
  •  The premier stated the region would throw a court challenge against the Emergencies Act on Saturday.

Jason Kenney to oppose the Emergencies Act in court: 

Premier Jason Kenney tells Alberta that it will launch a court challenge against the national government’s summoning the Emergencies Act.

In a video published to Twitter on Saturday afternoon, the premier told the act is “unnecessary,” “disproportionate,” and that it “infringed natural justice.” Source –

Earlier, the premier expressed his worries regarding the Thursday move, stating he would also table a motion in Alberta’s legislature when it continues resisting the act next week.

In his Twitter video, Kenney also asserted that the act violated regional jurisdiction and that its use in this example could lead to the result of a “dangerous precedent.” Source –

The premier stressed that local law enforcement agencies “can deal with unlawful road blockades” without national intervention. Source –

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Kenney will challenge the Emergencies Act in court

He also said that his government would think becoming an intervener to keep the separate case from the Canadian Civil Liberties Association against the Federal Emergencies Act.

In a debate between parties that started on Thursday in the House of Commons, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stood by his judgment to summon the act.

“For the good of all Canadians, the forbidden blockades and occupations have to halt, and the borders have to stay open,” he stated. Source –

The Emergency Act, which specialists call “the most effective federal law,” gives the government short-term powers to enact several measures that Trudeau said on Monday “will help get the problem under control” in Ottawa significantly. 

Under the act, the blocking in Ottawa has been considered unlawful, bank accounts linked to protestors have been frozen, and cars thwarting public infrastructure have been towed. The act has also made it illegal to bring kids to protest zones.

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