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Long-term answer required to aid homeless in Alberta cities


Key takeaways: 

  • ‘They deserve accommodation. They deserve heat. No one deserves to be out here.’
  • Outreach volunteers present assistance to the homeless on a -20C evening in Calgary. 

Homeless people deserve accommodation: 

The twinkling of cheerful lights in reds, greens and golds in Alberta’s two main city centres is small easy for thousands of unhoused individuals attempting to endure another winter frigid spell.

On a cold December evening in Calgary, customers held gifts along the downtown light-rail transit corridor, giving dozens of individuals crowding in doorways or around warmed bus shelters.

Three individuals, covered by shopping carts, utilised cardboard packages and an umbrella to attempt and remain warm. It was -28 with the wind cold.

Homeless shelters are about capacity but unlock their doors to all when temperatures become painful. Still, some prefer to wait outside. Dakota Casey stated it’s securer that manner.

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Alberta city needs a long term solution for homeless people in this icy weather

‘It’s only survival’

“I’ve had food stolen, my phone was robbed out of my pocket. I have had cash go missing and individuals have taken my boots while I’m sleeping, my backpack from under my head,” he informed The Canadian Press. Source –

Casey and his husband, Nathan Lunn, know risks are resting rough, too, and take turns remaining watchful to remain safe.

The unrelenting cold is a persistent menace. Casey was feted lately for frostbite on his hands.

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